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"Revolutionize your restaurant's success with ServoFeat - a versatile and robust management system offering seamless billing, QR code menus, and online ordering. Tailored for every culinary venture, from fine dining to food trucks, it's your all-in-one solution for efficiency and growth."



10 Members

Development Time

6 Months


UI/UX designing, Mobile & Web development

Client’s Location



eCommerce Marketplace (Retail)

Target Users

Anybody interested in buying & selling apparel, jewelery, shoes, etc.

Client Relations With Aimbrill techInfo

Immense reassurance and support from our business analysis team helped us bag this project. The client was curious about the development procedures right from the beginning. And, the team helped her with all the possible insights

Selling Indian apparel to the US market wouldn’t be easy. However, we were ready to help our client claim success!!

What Is The Platform All About?

This eCommerce platform involves sellers and buyers interacting and exchanging wearable items for money. The admin has a complete overview and can control/manage the tasks on the platform.

The three pillars of this eCommerce app solution are – Community, Income & Sustainability


Founders of this platform wish to make this platform not only a buying and selling marketplace but a community of buyers and sellers to build new relationships.


The primary aim is for the sellers is to earn from the commodities they upload. and Sellers on this platform earn about 80% of the total income.


The client launched this South Asian marketplace app to sell or re-sell attires online. This idea creates some space in the cupboard and helps users exchange cultures.

Trail From Design & Development To Deployment

Design Strategyimg
Design Buildsimg
Tech Stackimg
App Launch!

Screenshots Of The Marketplace App

After all the efforts on this on-demand app, the results we got were lucrative. Check out the screenshots of the Hirely app to get a more clear version.

Image 0


Colors & Typography Used For Restaurant Platform


Our Technology Stack

We use modern tools and technologies to build scalable and performant applications.













What Client Has To Say?

Working with Aimbrill Techinfo was one of the best experiences of my life. The team over there was so cooperative and worked as per my expectations. I can truly say that they have brought my errand service app idea into reality in the perfect way. I can see a bright future for my online marketplace. – Client Hirely.

Hurdles We Faced & How We Solved Them!


Mini App Development

Solution – This was the first time we built an integrated app with the functionality to open another app. We self-learned our way through building this mechanism and were successful.


Centralized System – 3 Platforms Integrated with Single User Access

Solution – Since we based this platform on a SaaS model, the users can log into all three apps (Kodris Africa, mPesa, Kodris Studio) using one common credential.

Want To Build An ECommerce Platform With Industry Experts?

The eCommerce marketplace solution we built for this USA-based client has been doing very well in the industry. We take pride in sharing and are genuinely happy for the client’s success!! If you are looking forward to developing a unique eCommerce application/website, entrust in our eCommerce development services.

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