Requirement Gathering

Our Techniques for Requirements Gathering An ideal business analyst must follow some techniques for the requirements gathering process.


Interview turns out to be one of the most effective techniques for requirement gathering. In this method, the business analyst talks to the user and clients who are unable to give out detailed information as they are not aware of the system development and related functionalities.


SMEs or subject matter experts are the responsible people to conduct brainstorming sessions. They discuss and find out solutions to complex issues.They are further responsible for requirement prioritization post they collect all the requirements which are related to the software.


Under the observation method, the responsible person observes the team in working environment and gets ideas about the software and subsequently document the observation. Observation can be invisible, the person simply observes the working and does not interact or makes himself visible, and hence, the concerned person observes and asks relevant questions


This is a technique of building a model of software which helps in uncovering and capturing software requirements from client. The output can be broad mockups or sketch formats of software.

Interface Analysis

Interface analysis is a specialized technique in which specific requirements related to application development are determined and their interaction with other software components is measured