IT Industry for Various Solution

It Solutions for Banking and Financial services

Banking software is aimed at improving the relationship between financial facilities and their customers, attracting and retaining the most profitable clientele. Aimbrill Techinfo delivers both platform-based and custom banking software, manages its integration and deployment, and ensures support.

financial and banking
Travel,Transportation and Hospitality

It Solutions for Travel,Transportation and Hospitality

Travel,Transportation and Hospitality sector has witnessed tremendous changes in the recent years. Provide your users with a chance to select your hotel, restaurant, transportation , book a doctor appoiment and resort online, check and opt for facilities, offers and much more. By building own hospitality website to make your customers updated.

It Solutions for Education

Education is arguably one of the most important industries across the globe. Future generations count on the system to be successful at networking and to provide them with cutting-edge solutions to create the best student experience possible in today’s marketplace. Spread your educational information, tutorials or other details to students all over the globe via building an Educational portal.


It Solutions for Manufacturing

As the operation of large expensive assets is often completely dependent on high-function applications and a robust systems infrastructure, manufacturing companies require 100% availability at all times. Manufacturers can positively boost up your marketing by building B2B manufacturing website. Provide more information about features or even show a demonstration. Generate business and offer efficient services & products to potential customers.

It Solutions for Life Sciences & Healthcare

The Life Sciences & Healthcare industry is witnessing a dramatic transformation, and “convergence” has emerged as a pivotal focalpoint. Convergence of the entire ecosystem, including pharmaceutical companies, payers, providers, and other intermediaries with the patient at the center, is driving this journey. Build hassle-free healthcare website to offer all medical & health-related information to your customers. With a medical website, one can also get insight into your medical services, doctors, staff etc.

Life Sciences & Healthcare
Energy,Resources & Utilities

It Solutions for Energy,Resources & Utilities

Thrive in a sustainable, affordable energy and water future. Deliver outstanding customer experiences, improve energy efficiency, and manage networks and assets so you can deliver essential services to your communities every day.

It Solutions for Communicatons,Media & Technology

One of the sectors racing towards digital transformation, communications, media & technology are poised for significant technological advancement in the coming years. Develop an attractive website for media & entertainment to provide exciting features, news, performances to your valuable audience. Attract potential customers from your media & entertainment portal.

Communicatons,Media & Technology
Internet Of Things

It Solutions for Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) solutions have proven advantageous for almost every industry, facilitating the creation of new business, and boosting efficiency. The IoT solutions have helped connect devices, manage tasks, analyze opportunities, and transfer information in a secure way.

It Solutions for Sports

Technology is becoming deeper and stronger into the roots of the sports industry. The recent years have experienced a massive digital transformation from with live score updates and live streaming to sports applications and ticketing system. We offer a comprehensive range of sports-based IT solutions including sports league management, custom software development, and sports application with high level of precision and accuracy.

Restaurant & Hotel

It Solutions for Restaurant & Hotel

People are more looking forward to buy food & beverages in more convenient way, sometimes just by using their smartphone to enjoy it in the warmth of their home or finding a proper food shop or a particular food. For all these your food & beverages business need to be reachable through any place, through any device and with real time information.

It Solutions for Automative

As a leading Automotive IT Solution provider in the industry, we understand the business environments of our clients in the automotive sector and the disruptive changes that it goes through. We help our clients win the race all the while making use of solutions that are innovation-driven like Big Data, IoT, and Cloud Computing.

Oil & Gas

It Solutions for Oil & Gas

IT solutions for oil and gas help the industry embrace digital transformation for improved drilling quality and efficiency, optimized reservoir management, enhanced oil recovery, reduced operational costs, and more.